Departing from multiple horizon points across several contients, this series contemplates the cyclical renewal of desire, abstraction and the long journey in between.

  • Title Between
  • Medium moving image series
  • Date 2011
  • Exhibited Carlos Gallery, University of the South, TN



A landscape of remains from yesterdays, within a one week buildup on a five block radius within New York City.

  • Title Yesterdays
  • Medium video projection
  • Date 2010
  • Exhibited Carlos Gallery, University of the South, TN



Split between four vertical screens, Moving follows pedestrians from across the globe as they permit the mechanical environment to move them.

  • Title Moving
  • Medium video installation
  • Date 2008
  • Exhibited Carlos Gallery, University of the South, TN



Digital prints of panoramic landscapes that amplify the material conditions of existing built environments, revealing conflicting cultural ideologies.

  • Title Series
  • Medium video installation
  • Date 2007
  • Exhibited Gallery 27+ (NY)



Seams is an interactive video installation, using ultrasonic sensors to detect the direction and range of the viewers movement to control the moving image.

  • Title Seams
  • Medium interactive installation
  • Date 2006
  • Exhibited Anderson Ranch Art Center (CO)

Four Walls

four walls

A silent tour of failed businesses, this moving image loop pulls the viewer away successively back and downward.

  • Title Four Walls
  • Medium video loop
  • Date 2006
  • Exhibited Int'l Media Forum (Cairo, Egypt); Kurtz Filme (Basel Switzerland); Forja Arte Contemp. (Valencia, Spain)



Installed as a site-specific project within Lower Manhattan, Surround layers a moving image of a window reflection, suggesting a forgotten sense of urban space to passing pedestrians.

  • Title Surround
  • Medium site-specific video installation
  • Date 2006
  • Exhibited Lower Manhattan Cultural Center (NY)



Surfaces is a collection of modern typologies that span several international cities.

  • Title Surfaces
  • Medium digital prints
  • Date 2006
  • Exhibited Photo Miami (FL); Fringe Exhibitions (CA)



Modernism is the matrix through which this city is described; a moving image loop that proposes a new urban space through the vertical density that spans several continents.

  • Title Lightness
  • Medium video loop
  • Date 2005
  • Exhibited Lumen Eclipse (MA); Exchange Square (Manchester, UK); Columbia College (IL)



Composited as a four channel moving image loop, Level negotiates common spaces between several domestic cities – below ground, street level, elevated and sky space.

  • Title Level
  • Medium video installation
  • Date 2005
  • Exhibited Fringe Exhibitions (CA); Davis Museum and Cultural Center (MA); London Study Centre (London, UK)

Two Planes

two planes

Two Planes is a post-9/11 moving image meditation on the juncture between architectural and cognitive space.

  • Title Two Planes
  • Medium video installation
  • Date 2004
  • Exhibited Fringe Exhibitions (CA); Jewett Art Center Gallery (MA)



Inflat-o-scape is an experimental web project that looks at the web through the metaphor of inflatable architecture.

  • Title Inflat-o-scape
  • Medium interactive website
  • Date 2001
  • Exhibited Design Exchange(Toronto, Canada); MASP Art Gallery (Sao Paulo, Brazil); Level 2 Gallery (NSW, Austrailia); Armory Center for the Arts (CA)



Rooves is a photographic series which presents the mundane , changing and unnoticed communications infrastructures flattened as an abstracted landscape through a mechanically split image plane.

  • Title Rooves
  • Medium digital prints
  • Date 1998
  • Exhibited Post Gallery (CA)



Signs is photographic series which examines the physical and cultural landscape of Los Angeles - namely, how Los Angeles is described to itself.

  • Title Signs
  • Medium digital prints
  • Date 1998
  • Exhibited Los Angeles Center for Contemporary Exhibitions (CA)

Con Cave

con cave

A site-specific video installation within the former Lincon Heights City Jail, Con Cave is an ironic commentary on the existing architecture of the barred window into the common bathrooms.

  • Title Con Cave
  • Medium video installation
  • Date 1998
  • Exhibited Lincoln Heights City Jail (CA)



Projection is a re-constructed nature video with a constant audio track and fleeting images of mundane urban landscapes, corporate icons and underwater footage.

  • Title Projection
  • Medium video installation
  • Date 1996
  • ExhibitedGallery 2 (IL); UCI Art Gallery (CA)



Lap questions the role of information technology, both in relation to the body, and as a means of communication.

  • Title Lap
  • Medium video installation
  • Date 1996
  • ExhibitedCirculo de Bellas Artes (Madrid, Spain); Artemesia Gallery (IL) UCI Art Gallery (CA)